honeypot Detector for BSC Network.

Ethereum Detector (Uniswap V2) | https://t.me/honeypotis | TG contact: @ishoneypot | Legacy Version

How does it work? Honeypot detector simulates a buy and a sell transaction to determine if a token is a honeypot. It includes a lot of extra checks to reduce the amount of false results, including a time jump between the buy and sell transaction.

This is not a foolproof method. Just because it's not a honeypot now, does not mean it can't be turned into one!

DONATIONS - 0x48F846b938A71C6E79b45AaFd77e505aa0599FdC

We appreciate any donations you can make. This site has been running at a loss for several months, with server bills being over $600/mo. This is because we have to run our own nodes as standard nodes do not support enough functionality to cover advanced functionality, such as simulating time jumps. This also means that we have to edit the node client for each chain that we support, requiring more work and more upkeep for each chain we support.
We process hundreds of honeypot requests a minute, sometimes peaking at thousands. Donations will help us with deploying more servers to help with the load, and will also assist with development. If you'd like to donate, you can send ETH/BNB/USD/any shitcoin to:
on either ETH or BSC network. We highly appreciate any donations.
Our current plans for honeypot so far include (in no particular order):

Honeypot.is was the first website to perform honeypot checks. Our old (flawed) testing method was copied by dozens of different sites, but we continue to improve our honeypot for more accurate results. The website/tool will always remain free (although we might charge for the API), donating helps us remain free and continuing developing more features.